Thursday, 12 September 2013

Brand New Pattern

I finished my parachute and thought I'd post a little progress report on the latest of the children's designs which I've been working on (yes -I am taking my sweet time! but I'm planning to have several more ready to go for the run up to Christmas).

I stumbled upon some great fabric covered in tiny trains the other day which I decided would be great for some more dresses plus various other bits and pieces I have in mind (but have yet to execute) so I grabbed a few metres and set to work on a little shirt toile for a pattern I drafted earlier in the week.

I'm really pleased with how it looks though it could use a little tweaking. I'll get my little helper to try it on to check the proportions/sleeve length etc before making any adjustments. Boy was hand stitching the tiny collar stand fiddly!

In other news I'm very excited to be taking part in the next textile 'ATC' swap via Very Berry Handmade which involves creating a little 'Artist Trading Card' using fabrics and whatever decoration method takes your fancy and then swapping it in the post with someone else from around the world. I've been meaning to brush up on my needlework skills so this will give me just the little nudge I need to crack on with it.

The sign up is now closed as there are limited spaces available but do have a nose at the Flickr group if you'd like some inspiration/more info for the next one.

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