Saturday, 31 August 2013

Finished Commission

Here it is then -the finished product I've been harping on about in my last few posts.

Just to re-cap, I received a commission for which I was given some very cute ballerina fabric. Due to the girlish print I decided to pair it with the slightly darker contrast blue (which has a denim texture print) to ensure that the end product wasn't over the top -Having said that I couldn't resist adding some ruffles to the bloomers!

As with my previous sun dress/tunic top I've cut it with functionality in mind, enabling it to be worn not just as a dress with bloomers but a tunic with leggings/jeans too. I've added cap sleeves to this version and am quite pleased with the little extra touch of the ballerina tape finishing on the neckline.

Although this one's not for sale I'll be adding this to my Folksy shop as an example of commission possibilities. I'm always happy to discuss ideas so if you have any little people in your life and would like something created especially for them do get in touch!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Commission Progress

It's surprising just how much more difficult pattern drafting is when you're tired!

Fueled by coffee, I spent the afternoon drafting and cutting out my latest commission using the adorable ballerina fabric mentioned in my last post.

It's a variation on my Cottontails Collection dress/tunic. I've lengthened the yoke a little and added tiny cap sleeves. Luckily I had enough fabric left over to make some 'bubble bloomers' to match which I'll add some ruffles to.

Very excited to see how they turn out!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Totes For Two

I've had quite a productive weekend so far. I've bought the last bits of fabric I need to complete a few more of the projects I have on the go (I currently have a list as long as my arm!) and am merrily picking my way through them.

I've started cutting out a commission using the very sweet ballerina fabric above (more on that later), started a dress alteration and made two shopper/totes as gifts for family.

The first is a gift for my other half's sister. I'm in the process of altering a dress for her and have so far cut several inches off of the hem. I wanted to put the excess fabric to good use so decided to use it as contrast for a tote bag.

The fabric is a great japanese print cotton/elastane mix. I bought some lilac stretch cotton with a similar weight to pick out one of the colours and some black twill tape for straps. There is a little external pocket (always handy for keys etc) edged with more of the print.

There's a bit more fabric leftover so I'm thinking perhaps a zippy coin purse or something to go with it.

The second bag is for my other half's mum and is made from a really lovely 'patisserie' lightweight canvas.

I've kept it really simple as it's intended to be a handy spare to keep in your handbag or car boot. It rolls up into quite a neat little bundle and is secured with a kam snap.

Once you've made one or two these bags they really come together quite quickly. If you fancy trying your hand at making one, take a look at my previous tote bag tutorial -which reminds me it's been so long I must post another.

I'll add it to the list!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Chrysanthemum Vest

Thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my most recent completed project -a printed chiffon vest for my mother. It's slightly sheer but I decided that the darker colours and busy print meant that I could get away without lining it as it was intended to be something really lightweight to take on holiday.

It's a self drafted vest with a box pleat in the centre front (which isn't very clear in the pictures) and some small bust darts to give it a little shape. 

Mother's lucky that it's not my size (my mannequin doesn't really do it justice!) as although it's not something I'd usually pick out I really like the abstract chrysanthemum-like print so I'm tempted to pick up a little more!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Shirt Dress Sneak Peak

So after the mens shorts, and the Sorbetto blouse, I'm now working on plaid project number 3!

I like gingham, but for clothing I'm generally put off by it's 'school uniform' look. That was until I discovered giant check gingham.

I read this post by Andrea over at 'FourSquareWalls' and fell in love with her 'Archer' shirt below. I immediately decided I wanted something similar.

Despite loving the sunshine, I've been somewhat struggling with the heat over the last few weeks so thought I'd make something super lightweight. I spotted a sleeveless shirt dress which I decided would be pretty perfect so I bought some poly-cotton gingham from fabricland which was an absolute steal at £2.50 per metre!

Unfortunately I'm paying for that now as it's been hellish to use. The grain is warped and so it's taken lots of time and faffing to square up the fabric (hence having a mere sneak peak rather than a finished dress to share).

Using an old Simplicity 6844 shirt pattern from my stash, I cut and fitted a bodice stopping about an inch below the waistline. I had to ease out some extra fabric at the shoulders and underarms and reshape the armhole to allow for it being sleeveless.

I'm not happy with the size of the collar as I think it's a little heavy looking, so I'll remove and re-cut it. I also can't decide what to do with the skirt. I intended to cut a half circle skirt but thought that the pattern would look a little odd if not cut straight, so I'm in the process of trying various pleating/gathering ideas until I come up with something that I'm happy with.

And there I was expecting this project to be pretty straightforward. Looks like the nice weather will have departed by the time I get it finished -though I'm thinking it may still work with tights and a cardi...

The finished article (and much better pictures) to follow!