Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sunshine, Bunnies and Piano

My attention has temporarily diverted from crafts to piano this past week as I've been hard at work preparing for an annual charity concert which took place Sunday afternoon.

Despite the usual attack of the trembling fingers and jelly limbs, (I'm a terribly nervous and reluctant performer!) I did make it through my three pieces -a Scarlatti Sonata, a 'Lied Ohne Worte' by Mendelssohn and a Debussy Prelude (from the Suite Bergamasque).

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the other performers -ranging from brand new students (including a sterling performance from my niece who played her modest pieces with gusto!) to the rather more accomplished. 

We raised around £300 which will be donated to the fantastic local charity 'Cottontails Rabbit Rescue' based in Wiltshire. As well as a website full of invaluable information regarding the care of small animals, Mairwen re-homes bonded pairs of rabbits and guinea pigs and even offers a 'Bunny dating service' where lonely rabbits can be taken along and matched up with a suitable companion.

'Bambi' the hand reared Hare. Read about him HERE

Our Rex Lilly (below left) was taken in by Mairwen, and subsequently rehomed with us as a companion for our now 7 year old Dutch Naboo, after we sadly lost our previous rescue bunny Pickle, a Lionhead also re-homed via Cottontails (below right) so it's certainly a charity close to our hearts.

If you'd also like to support the fantastic work that goes on over at Cottontails then why not take a moment to look at the animals needing homes, get in touch regarding volunteering or simply purchase one of their lovely tote bags or other items for sale.

Eventually I'll manage to take a better picture of Lilly and Naboo who seem to have a sixth sense -knowing the instant you're about to take a photograph and scarpering, but for now this old phone snap is all I can manage!

Time to dust off the sewing machine and get back to work. I hope everyone's enjoying the glorious sunshine! A bit of a rarity for us Brits.


  1. Well Done on the Concert performance!
    I have a rabbit too and Cottontails sounds like a great charity :-)

    1. Thank you. I'm relieved that it's over (for another year at least!) and thanks for stopping by -always nice to hear from another bunny fan!