Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mens Shorts (Burda 8604)

Earlier this week I was looking for some shorts for my other half (who detests shopping more than most things in life) and could barely find anything to fit the bill in his size. Evidently everyone has been out snapping them up due to the heatwave we're currently enjoying!

So yesterday I raided my pattern stash and found Burda 8604, a shorts/trousers pattern which with a few alterations turned out perfect. I found some great lightweight plaid fabric from good ol' Fabricland for £3.99 per metre, so bought 1.25 metres (which turned out to be just a tad generous) and a length of twill tape for a belt -making these shorts £5.67 in total.

I did make some minor adjustments to the pattern, I didn't want the contrast band shown in the picture so I included this length into the main pattern piece. I also omitted the side seam pockets as I decided to add some external ones to give the shorts more of a 'cargo' look. Lastly I opted for a drawstring waist rather than elasticated so they are less likely to get pulled down by the weight of things kept in the pockets.

They came together in one afternoon/evening and would have been even quicker without all of the pattern matching needed when working with plaid. I also had a 'moment' when I managed to stitch one of the pockets to the wrong end of the side seam resulting in lots of cursing unpicking! I just need to get some buttons now to finish off the side pockets

'Other half' is very pleased with how they turned out. They got their test drive and seal of approval at a family BBQ this afternoon. The fabric works brilliantly in this hot weather so I may be forced to make some more!

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