Saturday, 27 July 2013

Finished Sorbetto

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was making a Colette Sorbetto. I got the best part of the work done some time ago but it's been sitting in the wings ever since waiting for me to finish it off (If you missed the last post, then the kind folks over at Colette are offering the downloadable Sorbetto pattern free of charge via their website).

Printing and putting the pattern together was pretty straightforward. To reduce the paper consumption I opted not to print the instructions. There was still significant wastage but I guess this is negligible compared to the shipping/packaging involved in ordering a paper copy!

I didn't have enough suitable fabric hanging about to cut a toile so, as the measurements given were pretty accurate for my body already, I decided to just dive straight in. I widened the neckline slightly and hand drafted a peter pan collar as I wanted to try something a little different style wise.

I've never made my own piping before so I gave it a bash using store bought satin bias binding. I simply pressed the binding open then folded it around some piping cord, stitching it in place with a zipper foot.

The armholes are bound with handmade bias binding. I was tempted to cheat and use the store bought but I just knew that I wouldn't be happy with the result. I generally pin and machine top-stitch it but for some reason I decided that I'd take the time to sit and hand stitch it instead. Although it's fiddly work, I'll grudgingly admit that it does give a much neater finish -I think I'll be hand stitching a lot more now! Due to the addition of the collar I cut front/back facings instead of binding the neckline.

If I were to make another I think I would angle the bust seams slightly for a better fit and add an inch or two to the hem to make it a touch more flattering around the hips. It's far from perfect but I'm really quite pleased with the overall result!

Anyone else given it a go yet? Don't forget there's a new Stokes Croft Stitching Flickr group. I'll be posting a few more pictures on there later so feel free to head over and join in!


  1. Lovely summery top cool and well made!

    1. Thank you, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks lovely Marie xx Donna

    1. Thanks Donna! Really enjoyed the BBQ, hope you folks are all well!