Saturday, 1 June 2013

'Me Made May '13' update

So June is now upon us which means that 'Me Made May '13' is officially over. I've had such a busy few weeks that I've been somewhat absent so thought I'd post an update.

As usual life sort of got in the way of my rekindled motivation, and many of the clothing projects I had in mind got temporarily put on hold. I did stick to my pledge though -wearing 'me-made' items at least twice a week (albeit with duplicates) and ok they're not made from scratch but I also refashioned three of my old slightly tired and unworn band t-shirts (which I've decided covers the 'to make two further garments' aspect).

On the left I used bias binding to create a racer back vest (yes I'm obsessed!) and on the right a halter using white ribbing. I think I might shorten it slightly and add a wide band of ribbing to the hem as well.

I would definitely say that, despite my fail in documenting it very well this time around, participating has encouraged me to wear more handmade clothing whether that's by combing through my wardrobe and refashioning things that don't fit properly/don't get worn or adding some new projects to the agenda.

A big thank you to the fab stitchers of the Flickr group for providing me with so much inspiration. Definitely worth checking out!

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