Thursday, 27 June 2013

Colette Sorbetto

So I had my first proper outing today on my funny little bike. Unfortunately it went less than smoothly as I hugely overestimated the weather and not only got soaked but to my embarrassment slipped getting on the train in my inappropriate footwear. [Note to self; wear sensible shoes and carry waterproofs.] Luckily it was only really my ego which took a knock -though I'm sure to find a bruise or two tomorrow.

In other news they've just released a brand new dress pattern over at Colette called Hawthorn which I'm very tempted by. For those interested, a sew-along has also just started which over the course of a few weeks gives you step by step pictures and further info and tips regarding it's construction. I particularly like the peplum blouse version.

Whilst I ponder sleeve variations, decoration possibilities and fabric choices I thought I'd try out their 'Sorbetto' pattern which is available for instant download completely free of charge (generous eh?).

I'd like to branch out style wise and maybe try out some different shapes/colours as I feel like I'm currently in a bit of a wardrobe rut, constantly throwing on the same outfits (generally some sort of jeans/hoodie combo) so I think I'll try a peter pan collar for a bit of a change.

Anyone else had a go at a Sorbetto?

I've recently set up a 'Stokes Croft Stitching' Flickr group as an easy way of sharing pictures. I'd love to see any snaps of projects (Sorbetto's or otherwise!) so feel free to join in and go upload a few.

Here goes then... I'll post an update and some pictures when it's finished.


  1. Wish I had the time to make more and I also want a Stitch and Bitch group you don't have to pay for in Bristol. Woe is me.

    If I find myself with no other projects on the go I'll definitely have a bash at this! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Need to arrange our own little stitch-a-rama! The kind folks at Hooper House won't mind us crafting in the corner.