Monday, 22 April 2013

Wedding Sewing #2

I've now got the lion's share of work done on the bodice of my dress. I mapped out the shape onto my mannequin with wool then traced through onto fabric to create a toile. Luckily My mannequin is quite a good size match so it was only the bust pieces that needed much adjusting.

I've interfaced the cotton lining and stitched in some lightweight boning at the seams to give it a little extra strength/structure.

I now need to finish off the gathered chiffon overlay for the bust pieces then it can all be put together. 

I'm going to use fabric 'rope' for the straps, made by twisting a tube of chiffon until it curls round on itself. I may also add some rope detailing around the waist.

Still plenty of work to be done but it's coming along quite nicely.

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