Friday, 19 April 2013

Wedding Sewing #1

My friend's wedding in Truro is just around the corner and as usual I've left the sewing till the last minute so I've now made a start on my dress.

I thought it would be nice to post a couple of pictures to document the process as I go -so today I bought the fabric (navy chiffon) and made a start on the skirt.

It'll be a wrap around dress with a half circle skirt which is fairly simple to construct. You simply take your waist measurement as the circumference and use it to work out the diameter (you can do this in seconds using an online calculator). Then its just a case of folding the fabric and cutting, firstly the diameter from the corner, then further along at the desired skirt length.

 As mine will be wrapped around I've cut a further shaped piece to wrap across the front. I've used an overlocker for the seams, and shortened the stitch length for the hem which has given it a nice wavy edge.

Next I need to tackle the bodice, make up the lining and create some sort of head wear. I'm also making a bow tie for my other half and a cravat for our friend who is traveling down with us. All in one week!

I best get sewing!

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