Monday, 1 April 2013

Quick Easter Update

It's been a slow week post wise, but I have been quite busy behind the scenes with my clothing collection which is taking shape -checking (and double checking) pattern measurements and playing with toiles.

It was a particularly busy Easter Sunday, my living room transformed into a hive of activity with pieces of patterns strewn all over the place (I am not in the least a tidy seamstress).

I am though, happy to report that I have, whilst picking my way through old episodes of Grey's Anatomy and a giant Cadbury's Caramel bar, completed the very first of my items soon to be on sale which may seem a minute step but feels like a significant milestone.


I've also been getting on with some of the groundwork for setting up an online store which I'm hoping will be up and running in the next few weeks -So watch this space!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their long weekend, Happy Easter!

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