Friday, 12 April 2013

Local Independents - Paper Scissors Stone / Made In Britain

Following on from the Blaze post, here is the next installment featuring local 'handmade' stores.

Stocked entirely by Artists/Crafters from the Bristol/Bath region, 'Paper Scissors Stone' has returned to Quakers Friars. Last night marked not only the launch night for its latest collection of local treasures entitled 'Spring', but also the grand opening of their new store a few doors down 'Made in Britain' -a pop-up shop showcasing work from across the country.

The event seems to have been a roaring success with both stores full to the brim with eager customers braving the torrential rain to get a peek at the latest offerings. Here are a few snaps from the evening.

Paper Scissors Stone

Upon entering my attention was immediately drawn to this enormous picture wall, bursting with illustrations, paper cuts and prints.

I'm particularly fond of this one by 'Cut It Out'. Check out their Facebook page for more.

The ceramics by Kath Cooper are all so beautiful but I think my absolute favourite were these dainty little espresso cups by Clare Phillips, painted with hot air balloons and the coloured terraces synonymous with the city.

Made in Britain

'Made in Britain', in contrast to the riot of colour a few doors down, has a very serene feel. These prints are by Abigail McDougall of which 'Evening Light, Hotwells' is my pick. I love the colours reflected in the water.

There is an array of jewellery on offer, including this felt collection by Lynsey Walters, and some adorable wooden creatures by Anna Wiscombe.

Regular readers will know that I'm a sucker for a Bunny, but bias aside -the stitching on these lavender bags by Christina De La Mare is immaculate! I'm in awe. It makes me want to perfect my woeful needlework skills. Practice makes perfect and all that -if only I had the patience.

Both stores are conveniently located just minutes from Cabot Circus so I urge you to support your friendly neighbourhood craftspeople and pop in if you're in the vicinity -though I assure you they are also well worth a trip in their own right.

For further information check out their Facebook page, or if you'd like to be kept up to date regarding not only these stores but various craft events in the area, then head over to the 'Made in Bristol' Blog.


  1. Thanks for being fond of my work! :)
    Found your blog via Made in Bristol, love it!

    1. Hello there! I struggled to dig up a contact link for you so will be sure to pop it in now.

      Thanks for stopping by, Glad you like it!