Saturday, 2 March 2013

Home Sweet Home

I returned yesterday from a great few days away with the family feeling quite pleased with myself. I upped my bowling score from 29 to 33 (a modest improvement but an improvement none the less), discovered that I'm not utterly terrible at Badminton and despite barely being able to swim I made it round a 'rapids' water ride and down a steep water slide.

It's good to try things a little outside your comfort zone -but by my reckoning I'm now good for at least 6 months! With no wi-fi or telephone signal it was nice to escape for a few days, but we're now back to reality and once more connected with the outside world.

I spent a couple of hours last night making a start on some of my children's clothing blocks. I'm so excited to see them come together! The book I purchased ('metric pattern cutting for children's wear and babywear') is proving invaluable.

It has all the measurements and info I could possibly want for creating and altering blocks from scratch -though I wouldn't recommend it for those with no previous pattern cutting experience as it's by no means a sewing pattern book.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures of progress to post over the next few days.

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