Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Little Progress

It's been a slow week for sewing as I've been preparing for an exam which is approaching. I've finally started work on my small collection of children's clothing though (toddlers to be more specific as I'm starting with 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months). I thought I'd share a few thoughts regarding my designs.

I have 10 nieces and nephews ranging from 18 months to 19 years old. Over the years I've bought quite a bit of children's clothing for them and have noticed that there seems to be a very obvious 'Blue for Boys/Pink for Girls' divide and not too much middle ground.

Equality has certainly come a long way but it seems to me that there is still a need to imprint gender roles in childhood which I think can be very limiting (particularly for girls) in terms of their aspirations and expectations in life. With that in mind I decided to create a few pieces for both boys and girls with a clean, contemporary feel.

I'm currently working on some dress and shirt patterns and have been playing around with some trouser and hooded jacket prototypes. I'm pretty pleased with this first jacket toile which I threw together with some odds and ends. A few alterations needed but it's not far off!

I've decided on blue green and grey for the actual collection. After weeks of deliberating I've ordered a bunch of this great cotton by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller from here and think I'll pair it with plain grey.

I love the little acorns! Really looking forward to seeing how the finished garments will look. Will post an update soon.

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  1. That blue jacket is amazing. Feel free to make adult sizes...