Sunday, 17 February 2013

Summer Dress

A few months ago I bought a racer back vest which I liked the fit of so much that I thought I would duplicate it. I chose a spotted navy crepe which draped really nicely. Its now become a wardrobe staple (and it only cost a fraction of the original!).

I thought the shape would translate pretty well into a dress simply lengthened and gathered with elastic at the waist and when doodling some ideas I thought I'd add a bit of interest by throwing in a sort of 'shirt dress' element by splitting the front and faux buttoning it (because lets be honest... who can be bothered with buttonholes unless they're actually necessary!).

The crepe caught my eye whilst I was fabric shopping with my niece earlier in the week. Even when I'm supposed to be shopping for someone else I just can't help myself. So I grabbed a metre and set to work on it last night.

Embarrassingly despite having had my trusty machine (Bernina Activa 220 in case anyone is interested) for almost ten years now, I've never bothered playing around with the extra feet/stitches -always sticking to the trusty straight/zig-zag. I happened upon the manual and decided it was about time I did! Turns out my machine has a pretty nifty overlocker foot and stitch which worked perfectly for this project.

My little sewing corner.
The stitch sews the seam and covers the edges, stopping fraying, simultaneously -saving some time but also giving a nice neat finish. I also like the fact that it cuts down on wastage by enabling me to cut my pieces with hardly any seam allowance. Definitely one to use again.

Anyway I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. [Note to self -stop trying to take pictures with no natural light.] May even try to churn out a few variations whilst willing the sunshine and warmth to return!


  1. Wow, this is really lovely! What pattern did you use? Or did you simply copy the vest in a longer version?

    1. Thank you, so kind of you to say! The pictures don't really do it justice so as soon as the weather will allow I'll update it with a better one.

      I do use patterns but a lot of the time I tend to produce things in a fairly organic manner (that's to say make half of it up as I go along!).

      In this instance I used the vest as a base, then altered it to suit. A simple box-y vest is fairly straightforward and really adaptable so perhaps I'll whip one up as the next tutorial.

      Thanks for stopping by :)