Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Bunny called 'Sausage'

...Just for fun! I whipped up this little chappy after the recent election as other half was feeling particularly glum. Just a little pick me up and despite him being 32 years old he went down a treat!

The pattern is from the sewing mag 'Simply Sewing'. I enlarged it 15% using my copier and aside from a little confusion over the dart at the forehead (took some pondering and trial and error as that part was less than clear) he came together pretty smoothly. That's coming from someone who has very little patience indeed for tiny creature making! So many small fiddly pieces.

He's been dubbed 'Sausage' due to the shape of his arms and legs. He reminds us a little of the knitted character from Harry Hill. I love that his ears stick up with the help of some batting and quilting. Apparently he needs a bow tie!

The jolly little fellow now sits on our Ikea picture ledge nestled between the Nan Lawson print I bought for other half and the tiny painting we bought at the end of the Ponte Vecchio during our trip to Florence last year (also sneaking into the picture are bits by local artists Little Birdy and Sepr).

Monday, 18 May 2015

MMM'15 Week Two

Next little update. I appreciate that these super quick outfit snaps are a bit of a cop out but avoiding the glasses glare / awkward I-hate-photos expression is just such a chore! This at least ensures I have something to share.

I've not been all that great at keeping tabs on my comings and goings this year but I'm pretty sure that I've managed all but one (possibly two) days of 17 so far. Not too many repeats yet either -though the next two weeks may be exclusively as I tend to always reach for the same trusty garments (hello yellow cardi...).

Me-made garments: Striped peter pan top (Not yet blogged) and handmade jersey pants, navy 'Kelly' skirt with 'Watson' lingerie set, Datura blouse, Purple flurry 'Kelly' skirt (not yet blogged).

Now off to finish my summery playsuit! (...shame about the weather).

Friday, 15 May 2015

April Rhodes 'Riding Peplum'

I mentioned in the first of this year's MMM'15 posts that this top hadn't yet made it on to the blog as I wasn't that enamoured with it. I got to thinking that it's a good thing to also share things that didn't quite turn out as you'd hoped here it is!

I whipped up this 'Riding Peplum' ahead of Make & Do's first birthday gathering at the shop. I decided I needed something to wear the night before so made it start to finish on Sunday morning ahead of the event, finishing the last stitches minutes before I walked out of the door.

I'm not at all keen on the bias neckline and armhole finish but this is likely due to the rushed construction. It's a little wide and I've taken to hand finishing my bias binding these days so think the topstitching looks a little sloppy.

I also whizzed round the curved hem with a short stitch length on my overlocker, again for sheer speed as time was ticking on. Ideally this would have a nice little neat narrow hem but the meticulous pressing simply wasn't an option if I wanted to get out the door in time.

On a positive note I do love the fabric! I purchased it some time ago as it was a steal at about £3 per metre but I can't remember the composition, I'm guessing it's probably some sort of drapey polyester satin type affair. I have quite a lot of this still lurking in the stash so will be using it for another blouse / dress if I can manage it as it handles brilliantly. It's lightweight but has a substance to it -not too slippery so easy to cut and sew and presses really nicely.

The lack of toile / muslin is usually a guarantee of a less-than-perfect fit unless you're super lucky. Although this one is far from a disaster I'm not sure whether it's a little fitting that's needed or simply the relaxed boxy style that isn't quite right for my shape as in it's current state it swamps my tiny frame (these pictures are the most flattering of many MANY outtakes!).

There are several lovely versions around the internet like this ones by 'Little Luvins' but without potentially adapting the pattern to include some sort of fastening to make it a little more form fitting I'm not sure it works for me. I like the idea of the dress version but I wonder how much smaller I could make it whilst still getting it over my head / shoulders...?

Another MMM'15 update is on it's way and I'm working on a brilliant vintage playsuit pattern from the 60's so will be sure to post a progress report on that one soon as well!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

MMM'15 Week One

I always find the documentation process the most tricky during 'Me Made May'. This year is no exception but I'm going to endeavour to capture at least a few photos to share per week (secretly involving hundreds of out-takes with annoying glasses glare / awkward expressions) Fun!

I started off the month with my trusty 'Datura' by Deer and Doe. I joined some friends for a casual dinner so dressed down with grey/black jeans and boots.

Saturday was a 'Make & Do' work day. I went for a recent make, my anchors 'franken-dress' with my trusty gold cardi (which will be making many many appearances over the next couple of weeks!).

I completed the first of my two handmade wardrobe additions on Sunday afternoon ahead of heading out for another get together with friends (unusually sociable last week!) unfortunately I then spilt my dinner down it ahead of taking any pictures so that one will be blogged next week.

Tuesday was another work day, and another outing of my anchors dress, only that day I dug out a belt for a spot of accessorising -I'm super lazy with this but something I aim to improve upon to feel a bit more 'put together'.

Wedsnesday saw my first 'Me-made' break of the week and today I'm wearing my 'Riding Peplum' by April Rhodes. I haven't blogged it yet as if I'm honest I'm not totally enamoured with it but despite staying casual I like to avoid wearing knit tops when I'm teaching in preference of wovens which I feel looks a little more professional. So more info on this one to come.

Week one down, three more to go!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Me Made May '15

Hello May! You snuck up on me! Late to the party this year as things have been pretty hectic but without further ado...

I Marie, of Stokes Croft Stitching, sign up as a participant of 'Me Made May '15'. I endeavour to wear something handmade at least 5 days per week for the duration of May 2015 and contribute 2 more items to my handmade wardrobe.

So I've stated at least 5 days of 7 as secretly I hope to be able to wear something me-made every day. I'm not sure without a few little top ups if this will be achievable but 5 I can certainly commit to. For a little more info take a look at Zoe's blog post.

Here's a quick peak of fabric next for the chop! First up the red stripe jersey. I have plans for this chunk later today. The cream jersey has a woven wave detail which is lovely. I can't remember the content of each but this one in particular has alot of drape so I'm thinking perhaps a flow-y small pocket vest?

The blue floral is cotton poplin that is destined for some kind of summery dress. I have a wedding to attend in June so I'm thinking about tracing off one of my vintage patterns. We'll see!

Anyone else participating? I'm looking forward to seeing the flickr group spring to life again.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Yellow Painted Mantel Mirror DIY

Welcome to episode #1 of Marie paints stuff ...occasionally successfully.

I acquired a great free mantel mirror a little while back from my mother's neighbour who had been hanging on to it. We've recently (Ok not-so-recently, we've been here for a whole year now yikes!) moved into a Victorian terraced house and I really wanted some interesting vintage / antique bits and pieces to balance out the 'Ikea showroom chic'

We don't have any fireplaces to hang the beast as unfortunately they've all been ripped out but I thought it would be quite nice in the hallway with some plants up top. I actually thought it would be smaller seeing it up on their wall, but when we got it back home it suddenly felt enormous! 

I decided it had to be brightly painted. I'm not really much of a 'Shabby Chic' kinda gal so I went for yellow gloss which I slapped straight on top of the previous cream emulsion. The picture above doesn't really do the colour justice at all, it's a lovely warm sunny shade. It could really do with a light sand and a second coat... good intentions and all that but the likelihood is it'll stay as is for now.

I am however planning to add to the plants, I've thrown in what I have for the time being but I'd definitely like a few leafy ferns to go with my Sherlock Mouse (present from other half for Christmas), you can just about see his little felt pipe. On the other side is a magnifying glass.

I think it really brightens up an otherwise boring entrance. Had any luck with upcycling? I think I need to get to grips with spray paint, but I make such a mess.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Very Berry 6th ATC Swap

I joined in with the 6th Very Berry Handmade ATC swap. I didn't have the foresight this time to take any as I went but here are some snaps of my latest little effort. It measures a mere 2.5" x 3.5".

The theme was 'Home Sweet Home'. My last ATC was a little more abstract with just colours and textures from the theme but this one's evidently a little more literal. My swap partner mentioned liking the colours pink, purple, and blue so I worked them in and I just couldn't resist squeezing in a bunny too!

I loved the ATC I received in return but haven't had a chance to take any pictures yet so will maybe post one in a wee while.

There are lots of pictures in the Flickr group if you fancy taking a peek at some of the other teeny tiny works of art.